ED HARRELL – President, Pittsburgh Wine Festival

Tonight: a toast to this week’s Pittsburgh Wine Festival, with festival President Ed Harrell. Learn about the Festival’s history, tasting tips, and the best ways to enjoy this year’s event, held at Heinz Field on May 7. Listen to “The Full Martini” -the complete, unedited interview in audio podcast for Ed’s insight on Pennsylvania’s liquor laws, digital vs. print media, and his own personal favorite wine picks! Has this event changed Pittsburgh’s food landscape? Has host Brian Edward given up martinis for wine? It’s all here in this week’s episode. Get your tickets for the Pittsburgh wine festival at www.pittsburghwinefestival.com  

ED HARRELL - President, Pittsburgh Wine Festival

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  1. Great guy, Ed! I remember when I worked at the Tribune Review and Ed gave a tour of the new North Side office to Dick Scaife. Right in front of us peons, Ed turned to Dick, which he often did, and in reference to us staff members, said, “it’s amazing what you can learn from the great unwashed.”

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