Heather Cramer, Owner – OLIVE & MARLOWE

“All About EVOO”:  OLIVE & MARLOWE is not only Pittsburgh’s premiere olive oil shop, but an experience and education for the senses.  Owner Heather Cramer introduces host Brian Edward to the vast world of olive oil – its numerous varieties, unusual uses, and even how to get it out of a neck tie!  Witness a sampling of Vanilla Bean infused olive oil, which Heather highly recommends on… ice cream?  And if its good enough for Ben & Jerry’s, its good enough for cocktails, as into the martini it goes!  And speaking of which, listen to “The Full Martini” – the complete interview in audio podcast for more on olive oil cocktails, “food fraud” in the seedy underworld of the olive oil industry, and how this unique East Liberty shop got its start (and its name!).

Heather Cramer, Owner - OLIVE & MARLOWE

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  1. I understand that you have a special olive oil in the fall that is just available for a month. I forget what it is called. I understand that it is only available at that time. Please let me know when it is available.

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