HEATHER HENSON – Founder, Artistic Director, Ibex Puppetry

If it can be said that there exists a “Dynasty of Puppetry,” then Heather Henson unquestionably hails from one if its most recent generations. Daughter of legendary Muppet creator Jim Henson, Heather brings her own unique expressions to the stage through her Orlando-based company, Ibex Puppetry – with its most recent production, FLIGHT: A CRANE’S STORY premiering in Pittsburgh this weekend at the Charity Randall Theatre! Heather discusses the show, her inspirations, and her favorite Muppets – but not without a nod to her favorite Oakland eateries, The Porch and Conflict Kitchen! Listen to “The Full Martini” – the complete interview in audio podcast to hear more of Heather’s philosophy on puppetry – past, present, and future, and what the other four Henson siblings are up to these days.

'Burgh Vivant
'Burgh Vivant
HEATHER HENSON - Founder, Artistic Director, Ibex Puppetry

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