KEVIN GLAVIN – Actor, Bass, Pittsburgh Opera

THIS guy! Actor, Bass, and notorious scene stealer Kevin Glavin sits down on ‘Burgh Vivant in the midst of playing Don Bartolo in BARBER OF SEVILLE and his 30th anniversary with Pittsburgh Opera! Tonight, hear about the production’s fresh concept, early opera influences, and more, from the man that host Brian Edward dubs “one of the funniest people in Pittsburgh!” Listen to “The Full Martini” – the complete, unedited interview in audio podcast for Kevin’s advice to young performers, modern opera vs. the classics, and the “poop” on working with dogs! See THE BARBER OF SEVILLE, through April 10 at Pittsburgh Opera,  

KEVIN GLAVIN - Actor, Bass, Pittsburgh Opera

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  1. Kevin Gavin is awesome an a great singer of course he’s my cousin .He is a great person love him

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