LISA ANN GOLDSMITH – Actor, Director, Artist

TONIGHT it’s cocktails with actress and director Lisa Ann Goldsmith. She and host Brian Edward discuss Unseam’d Shakespeare’s OUT OF THIS FURNACE (that’s “THIS,” not “THE”), laugh, and carry on… The atmosphere is so thick with merriment, only a prosthetic goiter could come between them. (Eat your iodine, kids.) And – Listen to “The Full Martini” – the complete unedited interview in audio podcast for the in’s and out’s of Actor’s Equity, the drama of dialects, and Lisa’s most desired Shakespearian role (though we think you’ll be more shocked at who her favorite Batman was.) See Unseam’d Shakespeare Company’s OUT OF THIS FURNACE by Andy Wolk June 4 through 27 at the Studio Theatre of the Cathedral of Learning, Oakland.  

LISA ANN GOLDSMITH - Actor, Director, Artist

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