MARINA CARR – Playwright

Marina Carr, Ireland’s premier female playwright, traveled an ocean for a ‘Burgh Vivant martini – AND for the opening of her play WOMAN AND SCARECROW at PICT Classic Theatre. In honor of her visit, ‘Burgh Vivant has commissioned the Woman and Scarecrow Martini! Join us for cocktail hour and hear Ms. Carr’s personal insights on the play, her views on the themes of love and death, and shout-outs for The Carnegie Museums and Casbah – if only Brian Edward can forget about a certain television drama from the 80’s! Listen to “The Full Martini” – the complete, unedited interview in audio podcast for more of Marina’s perspectives on Pittsburgh, her favorite American playwrights, and just what IS in a Woman and Scarecrow Martini? Catch the recipe here on ‘Burgh Vivant, and catch the play at PICT Classic Theatre through August 2nd.

MARINA CARR - Playwright

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