MILDRED MILLER POSVAR – Founder, Opera Theater of Pittsburgh

The charming, delightful, legendary mezzo-soprano Mildred Miller Posvar joins us for cocktail hour to discuss her renowned career, her 23 consecutive seasons at The Metropolitan Opera, and her founding of Opera Theater of Pittsburgh. PLUS – Pittsburgh’s got an opera version of “American Idol!” Mildred’s got the info – and you’re invited! Listen to “The Full Martini” – the complete, unedited interview in audio podcast to hear Millie’s “best advice,” adventures in fundraising, the role she considers her greatest accomplishment, reflections on teaching at Carnegie Mellon University, and her touching account of one of our greatest American tragedies. AND – which of these two downs their martini the fastest? The answer may surprise you! Don’t miss the Mildred Miller International Voice Competition!

MILDRED MILLER POSVAR - Founder, Opera Theater of Pittsburgh

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