PHAT MAN DEE – Cosmic Jazz Chanteuse

TONIGHT: One of Pittsburgh’s most prolific sirens of song, Phat Man Dee! Her presence is as captivating in this ‘Burgh Vivant cocktail hour as it is on stage as she discusses the birth of her unique persona, revisits some of her strangest gigs, and introduces a clip from her new music video “Hey Phat Chick! (You Had it Comin’ to You!)”. Listen to “The Full Martini” – the complete, unedited interview in audio podcast for Man Dee’s musings on Star Trek, meeting Flavor Flav, musical Mary Kay parties, pancake eating contests vs. bellydancing, and her tireless social justice work. PLUS – are we alone in the universe? Ask the cosmic chanteuse! For info, CDs, and booking, visit Contribute to Phat Man Dee’s kickstarter campaign “Help Phat Man Dee Get Outta Tahn!” on

PHAT MAN DEE - Cosmic Jazz Chanteuse

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