Preview – First Season Menu 2014, LIDIA’S ITALY PITTSBURGH

LIDIA’S ITALY PITTSBURGH provided a feast for the senses last week with the premiere of its FIRST SEASON MENU 2014 – the first season being spring.  And hey, who isn’t optimistic that it will be here soon?  But for sumptuous flavors that comfort in the cold and give a nod to warmer times ahead you needn’t wait.  Hosts Brian and Lonnie take you through the tantalizing tasting while debating their favorites.  Burrata?  You betcha.  The menu boasts a variety of choices sure to suit any palette, and it’s finished off with a cannoli (just like Eli Wallach in The Godfather part III).  What could be better?  Only more!  Listen to “The Full Martini” – the complete unedited episode in audio podcast for more delicious details, and sample the FIRST SEASON menu for yourself at LIDIA’S PITTSBURGH today!  Let us know YOUR favorites!

'Burgh Vivant
'Burgh Vivant
Preview - First Season Menu 2014, LIDIA'S ITALY PITTSBURGH

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