PURSUING HAPPINESS – with Pittsburgh’s Randy Gilson

Filmmakers Adam Shell (Director, Producer, Editor) and Nicholas Kraft (Producer, Editor) set out to find the happiest people in America for their newly released documentary PURSUING HAPPINESS – and it’s no surprise that their quest led them to Pittsburgh’s own Randy Gilson, proprietor of RANDYLAND; a beacon of joy that defies explanation and invites visitation. Randy and “LAND” are both prominently featured in the captivating new film which recently received a screening at City of Asylum’s Alphabet City on Pittsburgh’s North Side, with both producers and Pittsburgh’s “happiest resident” in attendance. Learn more about PURSUING HAPPINESS at www.pursuinghappiness.com, and visit RANDYLAND virtually at randy.land, and in person at 1501 Arch Street, Pittsburgh PA, 15212. 

PURSUING HAPPINESS - with Pittsburgh's Randy Gilson

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  1. I really missed the intro music. Please bring it back! The new look is really sterile. It looks like you are in an industrial complex! And finally, turn your mic down. The breathing is picked up and it is distractingOtherwise, I love burghvivant and all the theater reviews.Keep up the great work. We need the arts more than ever!

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