ROGER ZAHAB – Composer, Conductor, Violinist

He’s a composer, a conductor, a violinist, the senior lecturer and director of the University of Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra  – he’s Roger Zahab, and he’s tonight’s guest on ‘Burgh Vivant!  Roger talks about how he performed what host Brian Edward describes as a “Mr. Holland’s Opus” in transforming Pitt’s Symphony Orchestra, his music-making with Entelechron (PS – the lovely underscoring you hear is from their album!), and his time working with the famed and much debated American composer John Cage.  Listen to “The Full Martini” – the complete interview in audio podcast to hear more on the philosophies of Cage, how he measures up to a particular Pgh pop artist, and Roger’s favorite restaurants in the ‘Burgh!  Hint:  Bacon.  Lots and lots of bacon.

ROGER ZAHAB - Composer, Conductor, Violinist

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