Among the shady oaks of Pittsburgh’s Frick Park, Host Brian Edward waxes philosophical with seasoned actor Ron Siebert on his upcoming role of KING LEAR with Pittsburgh Shakespeare in the Parks, tales of working with James Earl Jones, and coaching a certain young actress who went on to become a well known Oscar winner. AND – if you find the plot of KING LEAR inconceivable in the fact that a noble king can be lost in the wilderness relying only upon a clown, wait until these two attempt to navigate the wilds of Frick Park after two martinis in this week’s outtakes reel! Listen to “The Full Martini” – the complete, unedited interview in audio podcast, and see KING LEAR from Pittsburgh Shakespeare in the Parks at various locations September 5 through 27, 2015. For times and locations, visit:  

'Burgh Vivant
'Burgh Vivant

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  1. great interview. This actor, Ron Siebert, was charming and the interview was delightful. Brian, you are bulletproof!

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