SAMANTHA MARTIN – The Amazing Acro-Cats

TONIGHT on ‘Burgh Vivant, it’s cocktails and cat tales with Samantha Martin, Chief Human and Trainer for “The Amazing Acro-Cats with Tuna and The Rock Cats.” Here on the troupe’s second tour of Pittsburgh, the real life “catwoman” talks about how the Acro-Cats got their start, the film and television careers of some of the performers, how you too can train your pets, and the challenges of dating while managing upwards of twenty felines. PLUS – just who or what were the Acro-RATS? Oh! And a cat plays a guitar. Listen to “The Full Martini” – the complete, unedited interview in audio podcast and hear about Samantha’s upcoming spot on the Colbert Show, the biggest bloopers in Acro-Cat history, and her humane efforts to find homes for strays. Follow The Amazing Acro-Cats at and catch them in Pittsburgh through September 27th, 2015 at Bricolage downtown!

SAMANTHA MARTIN - The Amazing Acro-Cats

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