TIM RUSSELL – Distiller, Maggie’s Farm Rum

America’s most awarded rum distillery is right here in Pittsburgh, and this week, ‘Burgh Vivant swaps its signature martinis for a “Dark and Stormy” to sample the fine spirits of Maggie’s Farm Rum! Distiller Tim Russell talks about the rum making process and his experiences at the helm of Pennsylvania’s first commercial craft rum distillery since before the days of Prohibition! Whether you personally recall those days or not, you’re sure to learn more than a glassful from tonight’s interview. Listen to “The Full Martini” – the complete, unedited interview in audio podcast for drink recommendations, Tim’s life before the rum biz, references to Hunter S. Thompson, Brad Pitt, and more! Visit Maggie’s Farm rum at www.maggiesfarmrum.com   

TIM RUSSELL - Distiller, Maggie's Farm Rum

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