The “Buzz” from Buzzelli – This Weekend’s Top 5 To-Do’s (10/10-10/13)

The Shaker

The weekend is sneaking up fast upon us. Here is a list of Five Fun Things to do in Pittsburgh October 10, 11, 12 and 13. This week people are talking with their hands, i.e. there is plenty of puppetry on hand.

Doing the Pigeon

There’s Pigeons Down at Market Square. They’re on Liberty Avenue as well. Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s Festival of Firsts presents, “The Pigeoning,” a full-length puppet play. It’s the story of Frank, a fastidious office worker with Monk-like compulsions about cleanliness and order, encounters pigeons, the epitome of filth and chaos. The nearly wordless work features Bunraku puppetry, video and original music to explore the themes of obsessive compulsion, safety and order in the context of the end of the world.

The Pigeoning runs from October 9 through the 12, 7 p.m at 937 Liberty Ave, Downtown Pittsburgh.

If you have additional questions, there’s no need to send a carrier pigeon, just call 412-456-6666.


Baby, It’s Dark Outside (or Puppetry Part II)

There’s a second puppet show in the Festival of Firsts (wait, what?). You can see “It’s Dark Outside,” October 9 through 11 at 9:00 p.m. at the Trust Arts Education Center, 805-807 Liberty Ave, Downtown Pittsburgh.

The Perth Theater Company from Australia presents a show with puppetry, mask, animation, live performance, and original music all next weekend. Catch “The Pigeoning” at 7:30 and “It’s Dark Outside,” at 9:00 and have a whole evening of puppet fun!

Turn off the lights and head over to “It’s Dark Outside” at the Trust Arts Education Center. Check out for additional details.

Rocky Mountain High

There’s one weekend left to see “Colorado” at the Grey Box Theatre in Lawrenceville.  Those whacky people at 12 Peers Theater found a disturbing and funny play about the disappearance of a teenage beauty queen in Colorado, called, “Colorado.” The playwright, Peter Sinn Nachtrieb, has written some of the most twisted theater pieces produced. A few years ago, Off the Wall made “Boom,” and Bricolage produced “Hunter/Gatherers.” Both shows were not to be missed. Now, you have another chance to catch the dark, dangerous and hilarious mind of Nachtrieb one more time. You have been warned.

Trivia fun fact: If you saw Matt Henderson in “Boom,” now you can see him in “Colorado.”

See “Colorado” in Lawrenceville, at the Grey Box Theatre 3595 Butler St., Pittsburgh. If you need more than that, call 412-586-7744


Pearls before the Swine

Pearl Jam comes to the Consol Energy Center on Friday, October 11th. Throw on your corduroy, grab your brother and make footsteps down to Consol and rock out to the force of nature known as Pearl Jam. You will feel alive as an even flow of music washes over your body. This concert is not just for the faithful. Bring friends!

Hear them on October 11th at 7:30 at the Consol Energy Center, 1001 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh.

Go here for more:


Predicting a Good Time

Saturday October 12, you can circle your caravans and get over to the Christine Frechard Gallery, 5871 Forbes Avenue in Squirrel Hill for “Gypsy Night.” Apparently, the Roma are reclaiming the derogatory term and embracing it, thanks to shows like “American Gypsy,” and “My Big, Fat Gypsy Wedding.” You can explore some of the culture at the gallery.  Jon Banuelos will be playing some traditional music. There will be a Tarot card art exhibition with Melissa Von Underwood, but no evening out with the Roma would be complete without psychic readings.

Additional details can be found by calling 412-421-8888 or visiting, but if you’re a psychic, you already knew that.



Friday October 11th is National Coming Out Day, and the Arcade Comedy Theater is marking the occasion by showcasing the talents of Pittsburgh’s best LGBTQ performers. The show starts at 8 p.m., but you can come out to friends, family and co-workers whenever you want.

Swing open that closet door, and come down to the Arcade Comedy Theater, 811 Liberty Avenue, Downtown Pittsburgh. More details can be found here;


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