The “Buzz” from Buzzelli – This Weekend’s TOP-5 To-Do’s (11/14 – 11/17)

The Shaker

Here are five fun things to do in Pittsburgh this weekend, November 14 – 17. I decided to wax nostalgia as I prepped this week’s list.

A Night at the Opera

A handsome young prince is given a magic flute and some silver bells and no one seems to realize it’s a phallic joke in “The Magic Flute.” Tamino, the aforementioned handsome prince, is lost in a distant land. It’s a lot like when Jimmy and his magic flute Freddy got trapped on the Living Island, but H.R. Puff N’ Stuff isn’t in this version (H.R. Puff N’ Stuff anyone?). The whole show is about witches, goddesses and true love. It’s just like a Sid and Marty Krofft production, but with better music. Actually, it’s Mozart and opera at its finest.

“The Magic Flute” is presented by the Pittsburgh Opera and runs from November 12 and runs through November 15 at the Benedum Center, 719 Liberty Avenue, Downtown Pittsburgh.


But what’s the title of the show?

If you’re at the Grey Box between now and November 16 and you can see “title of show” here. But what’s the title of the show? Title of show. Is this starting to sound like an Abbott and Costello routine? “Title of show” is about two nobodies who write a completely original musical starring themselves and their two talented actress friends. It’s from the Company of Pittsburgh (which title also adds to the Who’s on First bit). Which company? The Company of Pittsburgh. But which company? Third base!

See the review elsewhere on this website!

The show continues through the weekend at the Grey Box Theatre, 3595 Butler Street, Lawrenceville.


One from the Neighborhood

Its music fit for a king. King Friday! Joe Negri takes the stage with Daniel May on Friday, November 15 (the puppet king’s favorite day). Negri bring his guitar, his good will, and big smile down to the Omni for some fun times. There will be no owl, pussycat or spinning museum-go-round, but there will be plenty of great music.

Take the trolley to the Omni William Penn, 530 William Penn Place; bypass the exit for Make Believe.


Artists United!

Come down to the James Gallery for Obscure/Reveal, a new show featuring contemporary works incorporating encaustic, the demanding and complex process of painting with hot wax.

See the work of Christine Aaron, Tracey Adams, Stephanie Armbruster, Karen Freedman and many more.

The show runs from November 16 to January 4 at the James Gallery. 413 South Main Street, Pittsburgh.

For more information, head to


Moving Pictures

Want to see movies from around the world right here in Pittsburgh? It’s not too late to catch some of the films from the Three Rivers Film Festival.  Last weekend they showcased movies from the Netherlands, Australia, Serbia and Poland all open Friday at the Waterworks Cinema, Harris Theater, Regent Square Theater and Melwood Screening Room respectively. There are more new premieres hitting Pittsburgh this week. It’s a movie lovers dream!

Catch director Ingrid Veniger’s funny, furry film about people in sheep’s clothing and other creatures in “The Animal Project.”  There are animated films, documentaries, old favorites and brand new films featuring everyone from Judi Dench to Jamel Shabazz.

Check out all the films here at


And that’s a wrap people. Come back next week for more fun things to do in Pittsburgh.



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