Young playwright / theatre artist premiers “Darling” work at Pittsburgh Fringe Festival

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The Darling Core, a new original piece by Scranton based theatre artist Conor A. O’Brien will premiere at The Pittsburgh Fringe Festival. The Darling Core is a dark comedy which strives to capture the magic and mystery of the early 20th century vaudeville stage – with great modern conventions and liberties taken. The piece reveals the inner tensions and tragedies of Adam (portrayed by playwright Conor O’Brien) and Lilith (portrayed by Simone Daniel), a strange remnant of a long gone era of theatre as they try to remain interesting to the world and tolerable to each other. It delves into the twisted and often cynical lives of performers and focuses upon the two things they so desperately crave – a loud voice and a quiet audience.


Conor O’Brien and Simone Daniel in The Darling Core.


Conor O’Brien has served as the performing arts director for The Vintage, an award winning visual/performing arts space in downtown Scranton, PA for over five years. Conor co-founded The Vintage in January 2009 at the age of seventeen and has been so (undeservedly) fortunate to work with countless artists and performers on both the local and national scale since the organizations inception. An actor and arts administrator by trade Conor O’Brien has served as an assistant within Manhattan under the historic Living Theatre as well as production intern for The Debate Society’s Blood Play (Under The Radar Festival 2013, The Public Theatre).

The Darling Core will premier May 10th in conduction with The Pittsburgh Fringe Festival. All performances of The Darling Core will be held at:

Boys & Girls Club Upper Theatre, 6 Brownell Street
May 10th at 4:00 pm, Sunday May 11th at 2:10 pm and 7:30 pm.

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