Prime Stage premieres STRANGE CASE OF JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE with special guest Cyril Wecht

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PITTSBURGH – Prime Stage Theatre is honored to bring the world premiere adaptation of the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to Pittsburgh just in time for Halloween. The show opens with a special dress-up preview on Oct. 31 and runs through Nov. 9 at the New Hazlett Theater located at 6 Allegheny Square East.

The show was selected from a list of stories requested by teachers for Prime Stage Theatre to bring to life. Adapted by Bruce Hall—to capture the spirit the spirit of Robert Louis Stevenson’s 1886 novella—and directed by Michael McKelvey, this production brings the audience into the mind and world of Dr. Jekyll where a myriad of characters seek to find the identity of Mr. Hyde. Little do they know this creature is actually Dr. Jekyll. Will they discover this before it is too late?

This world premiere stars Andrew Miller playing both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. His role brings to life all the emotions, actions and struggles of a man transforming from good into evil. Katie Oxman will play Diana Carew who is “in love with a monster without knowing it,” John C. Reilly as Sir Danvers Carew, John Feightner as Jekyll’s friend and lawyer Seth Utterson who is on the journey of finding the truth.

Perfect for the Halloween season, all of your senses will be stimulated as the mysterious world of Dr. Jekyll is revealed on an evocative two-layer set by Karl Jacobson, lit by Jr. Shaw, with music designed by Angela Baughman, and costumes by Kim Brown. The preview on Halloween also invites audiences to dress up in their best costume and win tickets to upcoming shows.

“An Evening of Mystery,” a fundraising event featuring special guests Dr. Cyril Wecht will also occur during production on Wednesday, Nov. 5 from 6-9 p.m. on the set of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The night will include a silent auction and book signing by Dr. Wecht. Tickets are $50. Prime Stage Theatre will also be honoring State Representative Erin Molchany for her support of literacy and theatre.

Tickets for both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and “An Evening of Mystery” are available at

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