Pittsburgh Veteran Actor and Stage Producer Patrick Jordan to be Acknowledged by Pittsburgh’s City Council

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Pittsburgh, February 4, 2015 – Patrick Jordan, The Post-Gazette’s Performer of the Year in 2014, and founder of barebones productions is being recognized by the Council of the City of Pittsburgh for his years of dedication to the community and its cultural enrichment. Since Mr. Jordan founded barebones productions in 2003, he has consistently shown a dedication to the growth of local theater artists by producing challenging, thought provoking, and most of all entertaining plays in an effort to attract young, new theater audiences.

WATCH/LISTEN: ‘Burgh Vivant’s interview with Patrick Jordan – Founder and Artistic Director, barebones productions.

Mr. Jordan was inspired to start his own production company after he did not see what he thought needed to be seen on Pittsburgh stages. Mr. Jordan has said, around the time he started barebones, “there were a lot of plays and playwrights that had been looked over and I didn’t want a generation of Pittsburgh Theatre goers to miss out on them.”  Since he started barebones, Jordan has become one of the most successful theater professionals in Pittsburgh.

In 2014, Mr. Jordan and barebones productions put on two plays, both of which were named as 2014’s best productions by the Post-Gazette. In Steady Rain, Patrick Jordan paired with David Whalen for the challenging drama about two Chicago cops, who were originally played on Broadway by Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman. To round out 2014’s stellar year, he and barebones put on the iconic play, A Streetcar Named Desire, which is barebones most intricate production in its 11 year history

In May 2015, barebones productions will mount the Pittsburgh premiere of Miki Johnson’s American Falls in Braddock on the same site as Kevin Sousa’s new restaurant, Superior Motors.

 Mr. Jordan has been conducting workshops, leading public art projects, and has appeared in speaking and teaching engagements locally and nationally. Patrick Jordan has dedicated his life and company to promoting the arts in Pittsburgh. For these reasons, the Council of the City of Pittsburgh declares Tuesday, February 10, 2015, to be “Patrick Jordan Day” in the City of Pittsburgh.


6 Replies to “Pittsburgh Veteran Actor and Stage Producer Patrick Jordan to be Acknowledged by Pittsburgh’s City Council”

  1. I’ve known Patrick his entire life and can say only one thing – he is an unbelievably incredibly beautiful young man who deserves this award which will stand with many to come in the future – Congrats Patrick !!!

  2. What’s a Stanley iconic prop I could wear to celebrate Patrick Jordan Day. I’m all in. His Stanley gave Streetcar new blood alright. An interpretation for his generation. So much more meat on the bone than Brando, no kidding. The production had even more punch than the lauded Leigh/Brando one. Well earned & deserved.

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