MAD MEN meets mayhem: Little Lake Theatre Company presents THE BEST OF EVERYTHING


MCMURRAY, PA, – Little Lake Theatre Company announces that The Best of Everything, based on Rona Jaffe’s novel of the same name, will officially kick-off its run on May 28th as the second installment in Little Lake’s 67th season. The production also officially marks Roxy MtJoy’s directorial debut after taking the helm as Artistic Director at Little Lake Theatre.

“This is a great play to officially launch my Little Lake directing career,” said Roxy MtJoy. “It’s set in Manhattan and centers on the ‘many goings on’ in a 50’s-era secretarial pool at a publishing company. It’s reminiscent of ‘Mad Men’ but funnier – it’s light and frothy but with some serious bite, so it has a little bit of everything for our audiences.”

The Best of Everything follows the women of Fabian Publishing as they navigate career ambitions and romantic adventures. And MtJoy teases, Little Lake patrons should pay particular attention to the men at the Christmas office party. They’re kind of stiff. Sure, they’re tall, dark and handsome; but they’re so much alike that they could have rolled off an assembly line. They may as well be made of cardboard.

MtJoy’s wants Little Lake’s audiences to feel as if they’ve transported back to the early 1950s – from the women’s hairstyles to the music, complete with the politics (both office and sexual) that harken back to a half-century ago. But it’s not all serious – as Little Lake Theatre invites patrons to join them before each performance when doors open at 6:30 for a 50’s-style Cocktail Party, featuring some of the same Gin- and Scotch-based cocktails and desserts that the characters will partake in throughout the play. A mixologist was consulted to help recreate the cocktails from this era. Patrons are advised that there will be no intermission during this play; it runs for approximately 90 minutes.

The cast that brings these women and men to life features six newcomer actors to the Little Lake stage:

  • Jane Joseph as Caroline Bender
  • Mary Brodland as April Morrison
  • Hollie Kawecki as Amanda Farrow
  • Rebeka Hukill as Brenda
  • Teresa Harrold as Mary Agnes
  • Vincent Marshall as Mike Rice/Mr. Shalimar/Ronnie Wood/David Wilder Sagage

In addition to the six newcomers, there are two veteran Little Lake actors cast in The Best of Everything, including Jason Dille in the role of Eddie Harris; and Lindsey Bowes as Gregg Adams.

The Best of Everything runs May 28-30; June 4-7; and June 11-13. Tickets can be purchased online at or by phone at 724-745-6300.

Little Lake Theatre Company, a 501c3 non-profit organization, was founded in 1949 by Will Disney. Its mission is dedicated to presenting a thoughtful, well-balanced offering of plays appealing to an audience of mixed social, economic, educational, and generational levels; providing comprehensive training and hands-on experience in theater arts to emerging, as well as experienced actors, designers, and technicians; involving the community in outreach programs designed to provide accessibility and to encourage appreciation of live theater.

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