The Buzz from Buzzelli: Pittsburgh’s Top To Do’s (2/16 – 2/19)


By Michael “Buzz” Buzzelli, ‘Burgh Vivant

Out of the Woods

Three original one-act plays bring fairy tales to life in “Fractured Fairy Tales.” Take a wacky trip to Fantasyland, or, in this case, the Avenue Theater, 158 Brighton Road, Rochester, PA 15074. For more information, click here.


Let’s be honest

Lesbian comedian Susan Westenhoefer comes to Pittsburgh this weekend, bringing her whip-smart, honest comedy to town. You can laugh with Westenhoefer at Cattivo, 146 44th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201. For more information, click here. For more about Westenhoefer, click here.


Speak from your diaphragm

Don’t grab them, but do listen to them. Eve Ensler’s “Vagina Monologues” are back in town for a fundraiser for Pittsburgh Action Against Rape (PAAR). It’s a simple $10 donation at the door. Find the monologues and more at the Ace Hotel, 120 S Whitfield Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15206. Learn more by clicking here.


White-Livered and Red-Faced

Hoist a tankard of ale to William Shakespeare at “Much A-Brew About Nothing,” a drunken Shakespeare event. Actors and comedians will drink down all unkindness while reciting portions of the Bard’s plays , including passages about drinking. Get thee to Hambones, 4207 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201. For more information, click here.


No Doubt About it

Does the brain see what it thinks it sees? The evocative works of Lenka Clayton, Lori Hepner, Melinda McDaniel, Gina Occhiogrosso, Diane Samuels and Mary Temple are on display in “Doubt,” a show curated by Nadine Wasserman at SPACE, 812 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222. For more information, click here.

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