I Do, But First I Did – a review of ‘Perfect Wedding”

By Claire DeMarco, ‘Burgh Vivant

It’s one thing to get up on the wrong side of the bed, but it’s especially troubling when there’s someone else in the bed who doesn’t belong there.

That’s the dilemma Bill (Michael Greer) faces on his wedding day. Problem is that the woman in the bed is not his bride-to-be.

Fibs, untruths, lies, misleading conversations, exaggerations, role playing, mistaken identities unfold as Bill and his unwilling friend, Tom (Tim McGeever) attempt to create a charade, keeping bride-to-be Rachel (Hope Anthony) from finding out about Bill’s errant behavior. Pulled into the ruse unwittingly or under duress is “bed partner”, Judy (Julia Geisler), Julie the maid, (Julianne Avolio) and Rachel’s mom, Daphne (Christine Laitta).

This frenetic comedy takes place in the honeymoon suite of a fancy hotel; with a sitting room on half the stage, and the bedroom on the other. The actors make the acrobatics look effortless. The slapstick comedy is flawless and is essential to the success of “Perfect Wedding.”

As the play progresses, each character’s anger level and comedic characterizations increases as the fibs are unraveling and new fibs are created in their place. The chaos and conniving finally comes to a surprising conclusion.

Julie Geisler grabs Tim McGeever and drags him off the wedding cake in the promotional art for “Perfect Wedding.”

All the actors have great comedic skills and as an ensemble and they are uniformly talented, complementing one another. This is a comedy with complex scenarios that would not work without a coordinated group of actors.

McGeever is brilliant as Bill’s friend who gets pulled into the ruse. His melt down scene when he discovers that his girlfriend has been unfaithful is spot on.

Greer’s character initiates an entire scenario of events. He is a talented physical comic.

Anthony grows from an unaware bride-to-be to an effective, vocal, and determined bride-to-be.

Avolio’s delivery is excellent, her facial expressions are priceless. She is a natural comedienne.

In one of the only calm scenes, Geisler transitions from the agitated “bed partner” into a thoughtful, caring person.

Laitta is on mark as the overexuberant mother of the bride.

Michael Barakiva brilliantly directed Robin Hawdon’s script.

“Perfect Wedding” is an energetic romp designed to tickle your funny bone.


“Perfect Wedding” runs through August 12 at Cabaret at Theater Square, 655 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222. For more information, go here.

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