He’s a magic man – a review of “In Plain Sleight”

Mike Buzzelli

By Michael “Buzz” Buzzelli, ‘Burgh Vivant

Home grown magician Lee Terbosic is performing down at Liberty Magic for an eight-week residency in his new show, “In Plain Sleight.”

Terbosic is a charming, funny Pittsburgher with several tricks up his sleeve. The magician has performed all over the world and just completed filming “Houdini’s Last Secrets” for the Discovery Science Channel.

He opens up his new show by dropping a bowling ball – seemingly out of nowhere – and, from there, performs astounding feats of magic with wit and humor. The show is titled, “In Plain Sleight” for a reason. There are a lot of card tricks, but the wily magician puts a humorous and unique spin on each. He’s manages to do some really neat tricks with a sharpie, a banana, a can of coke and a several deck of cards.

Terbosic incorporates a short video into his act. It is from his November, 2016 stunt where he was hoisted on to a crane high above the intersection of Liberty Avenue and Wood Street and wiggles his way out of a straightjacket (in the exact spot Harry Houdini performed the trick one hundred years earlier). The video has guest appearances by Rick Sebak, Sally Wiggin and a host of local celebrities.

In the lobby, you might even spot local actor Mark Tierno (from barebones production’s “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” the movie, “Day of the Dead” etc.).

The venue looks like a magic shop from a movie, thanks to scenic designer Tony Ferrieri and his lovely assistant, Hank Bullington. It is loaded with lovingly displayed tchotchkes and trinkets. You may almost expect to find a watch that can stop time or a cute, little creature you’re not to feed after midnight. You won’t. But you will find Zoltar there  – that’s probably why the venue is 21+. nNo children will be turned into adults, but “In Plain Sleight” might turn you into a kid again. There’s a awe-inspiring sense of wonder when you’re astounded by a good magician. It brings the child inside out to play.

Side note: There is some audience participation, and hiding in the back row won’t help, but Terbosic never forced or cajoled anyone on stage.

If you have the money and the time, splurge for the VIP tickets and you’ll get to hang out in the Green Room with Terbosic where he’ll answer questions and show you a few additional tricks.


“In Plain Slieght” is on the same block where the magician recreated Houdini’s straightjacket escape at Liberty Magic, 811 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222.  The show runs until May 12. For more information, say the magic words and press here.


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