7 with Sue: JILL SOBULE

by Sue Kerr, ‘Burgh Vivant.  


Welcome to the second edition of Seven with Sue, a Q&A series with local creators and artists. Each edition will ask seven questions (plus demographics) exploring the creator’s experience and views on all things arts and culture in Pittsburgh. The questions are crafted by our in-house Q&A contributor, Sue Kerr.


Up next is Jill Sobule, American singer-songwriter who has multiple projects tied to Pittsburgh, including her one woman show F*ck 7th Grade and regular appearances on local stages. Her next appearance is at Club Cafe on Wednesday August 14 at 8 PM.  Tickets can be found HERE.

Jill Sobule

Name: Jill Sobule

Pronouns:  she/her

How do you describe your identity?

Oh boy, I’d say bisexual with left-leaning lesbian tendency. Something like that.

Describe an under-appreciated or underutilized cultural resource in the Pittsburgh region.

Most of my friends who have never been to Pittsburgh still thing of the smoggy, smokestacks Flash Dance Pittsburgh of the 70s and 80s. I try to tell them how actually beautiful the city is. Plus, there is culture and theater.

With whom in the Pittsburgh region would you like to collaborate?

I still have a world of Pittsburgh to explore. I hope to find my desired future Pittsburgh collaborator.

You’ve workshopped with City Theatre on your one woman show ‘F*ck 7th Grade’ – what is next for that particular work? 

 Well, we are still tinkering, have a Winter workshop in Atlanta, and bring the real thing to Pittsburgh in May.

How do the arts contribute to a livable city?

Oh well, it brings in freaks , geeks, artists, and generally more interesting people.

You recently participated in an event in the Twin Cities called ‘Do Re #MeToo: A Night of Sexist Songs Sung by Righteous Feminists and you’ – what did you perform and how did you reclaim the song? Will we see that concept on tour or perhaps streaming somewhere? 

I did a Neil Young Song. He’s one of my favorites. I never thought the lyrics, as a child, were egregious, but now? “A Man Needs a Maid”?

Your album Nostalgia Kills could be a soundtrack for Pittsburgh’s obsession for where (and how) things used to be. Where does Pittsburgh fall in the spectrum of nostalgia occupation compared to other places where you spend a lot of time? 

Well in NYC we wax poetically about the old dirty dangerous Times Square. We romanticize the pimps, the prostitutes, the drugs, the porno theaters, etc. It could be (was) kind of horrible, but we somehow think of it more fondly than the present Disney-ish version. Maybe folks in Pittsburgh  also find the idea of “old” Pittsburgh of smog and smokestacks more…romantic.

Please list two or three local artists to whom we should be paying attention and tell us why?

You need to tell me please.

Where can readers find you and/or your organization on social media? 

My Instagram, Twitter and Facebook


Thank you, Jill. 


Visit Jill’s website and her YouTube channel to experience more of her music for yourself. 

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