Naughty, Naughty, Naughty – a Review of “Who’s Holiday”

By Claire DeMarco

Does the name Cindy Lou Who (Lara Hayhurst) ring a bell with you?   If not, here’s a clue. Cindy was one of the children involved in “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.

Several decades later, we meet grown up Cindy Lou as she meticulously and with finite detail tells her story from that earlier point in time to the present.  Peppered with every sentence and history (as she often takes a drink or two) is a barrage of expletives and some intimate stories that affected her life since she was a child.

Cindy Lou is hosting a Christmas party and she chats with the audience while waiting for her guests to arrive.  We learn about her marriage and divorce plus the birth of her only child.  Also revealing is her past problem with the law.  Cindy Lou is not a “cry me a river” personality and although she has many life regrets and sorrows, she delivers most of her troubles with humor and is upbeat about the future.

Note:  Cindy Lou’s entire delivery is done in rhyming verse.

After several invitees call indicating that they can’t attend, we get the idea that no one is coming.

Note:  Someone does come to her party after all!  Surprise guest!

Cindy Lou Who (Lara Hayhurst) is all grown up and ready to party. Photo credit: kgtunney

This adult show is outrageously funny with plenty of laughs sprinkled among the more serious subjects.

Hayhurst delights as Cindy Lou.  Her engagement with the audience is intimate and direct. She easily pulls the audience into Cindy Lou’s life story.   Constantly moving around the set, her energy is contagious.  Even the foul language and innuendoes that spew from her mouth aren’t as offensive since she delivers them with a smile or a laugh. In spite of all her off color and bold remarks, Hayhurst highlights her character’s loneliness.

The set is detailed. The living room/kitchen of her trailer is glitzy, sparkling and festive, displaying every shade of red and green imaginable. Several full-sized Christmas trees are on the perimeter of the stage and huge Christmas ornaments hang above it.  Gift packages are piled high.  Lights explode everywhere. Kudos to Set and Video Designer Bruce Cutler.

Shout out to Lighting Designer Cat Wilson.

Excellent Direction by Trey Compton.

“Who’s Holiday” was written by Matthew Lombardo.

Now it’s time to end this review.                                                                                           With a rhyme created just for you.                                                                                             If you want an evening of fun and sin                                                                                  See this show!  Come right in!

Warning!  This is an adult only production and is not suited for children due to the obscene language and depictions of substance and alcohol abuse.


 “Who’s Holiday” is a production of the Pittsburgh CLO Kara Cabaret Series. Performances at the Greer Cabaret Theater run from December 1st through December 31st. For more information, click here.


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