Bullseye – A review of “Bang Bang”

By Lonnie the Theater Lady

Comtra Theater was transformed into a Las Vegas style cabaret this past Friday,(May 24). Ingrid Ullrich, an international performer and Point Park dance school graduate produced and performed in “Bang Bang,” an energetic, glamorous, snazzily choreographed, musical showcase.

The choices for the musical numbers cover several decades. The eclectic variety of songs has something for everyone to enjoy. Prince, Elvis, The Weathergirls, Broadway show tunes, old classics,(Big Spender) are all part of the mix! Audience members couldn’t resist singing and clapping with many of the numbers.

Vaughn  Hudspath, the emcee, has almost as many costume changes as the cast of “Greater Tuna.”  His costumes are as sexy and glitzy as the women’s are. His humor adds to the overall celebratory tone of the show. He’s especially comical in the audience participation segments of the show. His  Improvised comments and ad-libs are truly hilarious.

Ullrch is an amazing performer. Her dance moves are fluid, graceful, funky, and spirited, in turn. Every one of her movements demonstrates an awareness of how her entire body is moving through space. Such perfection seen in a small venue is breathtaking. Sophia Tinstman and Viviana Rocca, the other dancers are exuberant, effervescent and a delight to watch, as well.

Ingrid Ulrich’s “Bang Bang.”

Ullrich is also a well accomplished vocalist, with a melodious voice that conveys a wide range of emotion. The other vocalists, Michelle Johnson and Claire DeArmitt truly rock the house. When Johnson sings, she powerfully belts it out—- eliciting shouted encouragement and enthusiastic vocal approval from the audience! DeArmitt has impressive vocal skills and a powerful stage presence coupled with real charisma.

All of the colorful costumes are gorgeous! Adorned with sequins, glitter, and beaded fringe that whirls right along with the dancers.

It was announced that this spectacular show is soon to be performed on Carnival Cruise Line ships. I’m certain that the passengers will be delighted to see these lively, explosive performers and they’ll agree that this production truly lives up to its name!

-Lonnie the Theatre Lady

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  1. I seen the show and it was absolutely amazing! Everyone involved should be extremely proud of how professional and talented they truly are!

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