‘Burgh Vivant: The Year in Review, 2014

Happy New Year, Pittsburgh! For the last 52 weeks you’ve given us some of your brightest stars of Art, Theatre, Music, Film, Food, Dance, Culture, and Style. Take a look back at all of ‘Burgh Vivant’s 2014 featured guest artists, entrepreneurs, cultural leaders, newsmakers, and even a few notable out-of-town visitors in a mega-montage that’s a testament to all that makes this city great. Thank you for watching! Here’s to a glorious 2015!

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  1. WOW!!!! Brian, you are such a remarkable, creative man!!!! Seeing snippets of all those interviews clearly shows me the fantastic entity you’ve created!! Cheers to you, the inspiration and driving force behind Burgh Vivant. I’m proud to be a part of this enterprise. Thank you (and Pittsburgh) for this wonderful year.

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