MICHAEL BUZZELLI – Author, Comedian, Columnist

The laughs are inevitable as comedian and author Michael Buzzelli sits down for a cocktail to promote his new book and discuss the mechanics of humor. It’s one of ‘Burgh Vivant’s most riotous interviews to date! Listen to “The Full Martini” – the complete unedited interview in podcast to catch all the hilarity including Mike’s take on pop music, Pittsburgh vs. Los Angeles, The Ethel Merman Disco Album, writing Charles Nelson Reilly’s obituary, and The Maltese Falcon. Also – where were YOU the night Eartha Kitt died?

MICHAEL BUZZELLI - Author, Comedian, Columnist

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  1. Michael would you repost Disgraced review? I was going yesterday and didn’t want to read your review before I saw the play. Now I can’t find the review and I’m dying to hear what you thought of it. Powerful eh what?

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