JOE WOS – Executive Director & Founder, ToonSeum

We all want to be Snoopy, but most of us are just scraping by as Charlie Brown. This week on ‘Burgh Vivant, Executive director and founder of Pittsburgh’s ToonSuem Joe Wos describes how cartoons reflect all of us – the good, the bad, and the funny. Find out why our fair city is the birthplace of pop culture, and just why cartoons are so culturally important. Also: does Pittsburgh lack conviction – and is it a good thing? Dueling beards in this one! (Spoiler alert: Joe’s wins.) Get more “Wisdom of Wos” in “The Full Martini” – the complete, unedited interview in audio podcast to hear the Cartoon King’s take on Pittsburgh’s recent yarn-bombing, the liberties of Liberty Avenue, and the allure of Bugs Bunny – in and out of drag. You may never look at a cartoon the same way again!

JOE WOS - Executive Director & Founder, ToonSeum

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