TONI HAGGERTY – Manager, Primanti Bros., Strip District

HEADLINE: “Cirque du Soleil invades Primanti’s!”  At the world-famous Primanti Bros. restaurant in the Strip District, manager Toni Haggerty has become nearly as well known as the signature french fry and cole slaw topped sandwiches she creates.  But what happens when the cast of Cirque du Soleil’s VEREKAI takes over her kitchen?  Watch as host Brian Edward and Lonnie The Theatre Lady enjoy a classic Primanti’s sandwich, rub bare elbows with Cirque performers, and try to determine whether they’re overdressed or underdressed for the occasion!  And once you’ve heard the inside scoop from Toni’s 40 year+ history with the restaurant, be sure to visit Primanti Bros.’ original location (since 1933) in the Strip District, open 24 hours!

TONI HAGGERTY - Manager, Primanti Bros., Strip District

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