A Visit to Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild

Martini-fueled curiosity gets the better of ‘Burgh Vivant host Brian Edward as he wanders into the hallowed halls of Manchester Craftsman’s Guild on an impromptu visit. and after a whirlwind tour of over-sized orchids, state of the art studios, and a music hall that’s hosted some of the most legendary performers in Jazz, he may never leave! AND: what does a giant banana have to do with it all?? Find out on tonight’s episode!

One Reply to “A Visit to Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild”

  1. The martini glass and constent refer to it is a total distraction and isn’t reality …and his character is over played and has been done over and over so nothing new…..it wasn’t consistent , sometimes you’d see him as a over animation character then yous see him as himself more engaging and sincer so the over all appearance becomes abit silly and fake…and I know this man is not nor wants to appear that way.. I’m in the entertainment business for 30 yrs successfully and this is just my opinion..
    I love the messege and information he was trying to get out about the arts and venue ..as I rely on those supporting the arts and music entertainment .so I’m grateful…this is why I chech you guys out often and I’m from Miami /ft Lauderdale area… Wish u all well and thanks for all you do.. DC

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