The Marvelous Mr. Frederick and “The Burning Man”

The James Frederick interview is not only significant because it was officially the first filmed episode of ‘Burgh Vivant, but because it provided me the long overdue opportunity to catch up with an old friend.

James and I had worked together on numerous projects “back in the day” when I was an art curator.  As soon as I walked through the gallery doors, the years that had gone by became minutes, and we immediately began recalling great stories from the past, of working with Laurier Dubé of Paris, and of the three of us cooperating to stage an exhibition of the works of James Coignard, marking the artist’s first U.S. appearance in over a decade, and the last before his passing in 2008.

Coignard and Mr. Dubé were merely a sample of the cavalcade of artists that I would be introduced to through collaborations with the James Gallery.  In Mr. Frederick’s interview (and with more detail in the podcast), you will hear mention of artist Paul Chojnowski and see a brief example of one of his works.  As remarkable as it may sound, Mr. Chojnowski creates stunning landscapes and cityscapes by burning paper.  I first discovered his work during my time in the Berkshires, and later had the opportunity and privilege to include him in a Pittsburgh area exhibition in 2004.  Since then Mr. Chojnowski has been a mainstay at the James Gallery in Pittsburgh’s west end, creating “burnt” cityscapes of Pittsburgh during his many visits.  The result is breathtaking – a depiction of the Steel City born of fire; a harkening to its gritty industrial roots; captivating, compelling, and beautiful.  Treat yourself to a viewing at The James Gallery.  And let me know what you think!  You’ll find the staff welcoming, the surroundings inviting, and the art most certainly worth the trip.

– B.

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