The “Buzz” from Buzzelli – Top 5 To-Do’s This Weekend (9/26-9/29)

The Shaker

It’s the last weekend in September and boy, it’s a big one! There’s a duck, a Big Bird, a Bard and one Bad Bunny!

Duck, Duck, Gallery!

This is it, folks! The big event of the season! A giant duck lands in the waters of Pittsburgh. You heard it here first, folks, during Phil Salvato’s ‘Burgh Vivant interview. Watch the world’s biggest bathtub toy from a party on the bridge! And then prepare yourself for the Festival of Firsts!

Witness the historic launch of a big, yellow ducky from the Sixth Street Bridge. Festivities include food, art and more. DJ Scottro will be spinning tunes from the bridge. It’s a Gallery Crawl Night in Pittsburgh so there will be lots and lots of stuff to see and do.

The duck is just the first step in a series of things going on in Pittsburgh during the Festival of Firsts. Keep watching this space for more information and take a gander at all of the fun over at

Shakespeare in Space!

Come out to the ToonSeum Thursday September 26 for the live reading of “William Shakespeare’s Star Wars,” retelling the cult-classic film in iambic pentameter. Don’t miss this mash up between the Bard of Avon and the Bearded Man of Modesto.

Let’s just lay the end of the opening stanza on you: “In time so long ago begins our play, In star-cross’d galaxy far, far away…”

Thou shan’t miss the tale epic! Even the groundlings can’t pass up this price; ‘tis free! ‘tis free!

Let the Force guide you over to the ToonSeum website for more information:

Shakespeare the Sequel

If you miss the ToonSeum event (don’t), you can still get your Shakespeare on at the Bricolage. They’re celebrating Midnight Radio: Shakesburgh! Season five of Midnight Radio doth begin anew! Though it’s not at midnight and it’s not radio; it’s a bunch of whacky fun with Tami Dixon, Jeffrey Carpenter and friends. Fun, laughs, interactive games and prizes!

If you’ve never been to a Midnight Radio show, get thee hence!

Consult thy binary oracle, to learn more;

Hey Kids, Comics!

The Pittsburgh Comicon is here September 27, 28 and 29. Get your Geek on!

Hundreds of comic book creators like George Perez (the Avengers), James O’Barr (the Crow) and many more will be there. Catch local legends in Scott McDaniel (Daredevil, Batman) and Pat Olliffe (Thor, Spider-Girl). Also, you can meet Big Bird! Yes! Caroll Spinney the voice of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch will be in town for the festivities.

Put on your best cape and fly over to their site to learn more:

Fright Night

This is Halloween! This is Halloween! At least, every day will be Halloween at the Scare House. One of season’s scariest attractions starts up again this weekend opening on September 27.

There are plenty of frights per night. The Forsaken! Pittsburgh Zombies! Creepo’s Christmas in 3D! All this and a deranged man in a dirty bunny costume.

Also, check out the basement. You have been warned!

It takes a brave soul, but you’re a Shakespeare-loving Super-Hero from a galaxy far, far away riding on a giant duck! I have faith in you!

Dare to enter the ScareHouse; for chills and thrills hit them up on their website at

– MB

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