The “Buzz” from Buzzelli – Top 5 To-Do’s This Weekend (10/3-10/6)

The Shaker

Jam Packed!

Want to see a show no one has ever seen before and will likely never see again? Come down to the Cabaret Theater in Theater Square and watch the Improv Comedy Jam. Improv performers from all over Pittsburgh gather for a raucous evening of fun. You never know what’s going to happen next. The show, like all improv shows, is made up on the spot, from suggestions by the audience. You can even join the fun.

If you have a ticket from any other show in town that night, your admission is free.

For additional details check out


Soldiering On

If laughing isn’t your thing, try something more serious. Tammy Ryan’s new play, “Soldier’s Heart” is about the struggles women face in the military. Casey Johnson returns to Western Pennsylvania from the war in Iraq forever changed by her experience.

You can catch “Soldier’s Heart” at the Pittsburgh Playhouse in Oakland through October 13, 222 Craft Avenue.

You don’t need a horizontal situation display, just go here for more:


Naked Puppetry

The giant duck was just the beginning. You have a few great opportunities to see world premieres of new art, theater and dance at the International Festival of Firsts. In a film from Belgium comes “Kiss and Cry.”  The characters are portrayed by bare hands as they march around miniature sets.

“Kiss and Cry” opens October 2 at the New Hazlett Theater in Allegheny Square in the North Side. The show blends film, dance, text and theater into one unforgettable experience.

No need to let your fingers do the walking, find out more about the event here.


To Bee or Not to Bee

Hilarious. Adjective. Marked by or causing hilarity; extremely funny. Let’s use it in a sentence. “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” is completely hilarious.

Learn new words and how to spell them while watching a musical comedy. Six kids compete in the bee to end all bees in this musical comedy. Come out to Elizabeth, PA and sit a spell.

It’s at the Grand Theatre 207 Second Avenue, Elizabeth, PA through October 6. Call 412-384-0504 or hit them up at


It’s all Greek to me

Yasou! It’s time for the Holy Cross Greek Food Festival in Mt. Lebanon. Actually, they have a festival in the summer, but they also have a mini-festival in the fall. It’s here.

Come out and get some Greek pastries, cakes, pies, jams and bread. Plus, they have all those wonderful Greek foods that you can’t pronounce. Just point and hand them money. Your tummy will thank you.

No need to consult the oracle of Delphi, just go here;

P.S. While you’re in Mt. Lebanon, check out Art in the Park(ing lot). The Sunrise Rotary club is bringing a lot of talented artists into a parking lot. Come check out the fabulous creations while you’re getting your Greek on.



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