The “Buzz” from Buzzelli: Pittsburgh’s Top To-Do’s THIS WEEKEND (7/31 – 8/3)

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 by Michael “Buzz” Buzzelli, ‘Burgh Vivant.


Here are the Top Five things to do this weekend, July 31 to Aug. 3


Holy Grail!

Start your week with “Spamalot,” the Tony-winning musical based on “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” The comedy troupe takes Arthurian legend and shish kabobs it. Now, with added music! Beware the Black Knight, the Knights that go Ni and the world’s deadliest bunny rabbit.  “Spamalot” runs from Tuesday, July 29th to Sunday August 3rd at the Benedum Center, 803 Liberty Avenue, Downtown Pittsburgh.  For more information, go to


True Romance

You have one last weekend to see, “Romance,” David Mamet’s courtroom farce. It’s being presented by the newly reborn Kinetic Theatre Company (rising from the ashes of the flash-in-the-pan Phoenix).  You can find “Romance” at The Alloy Studios, 5530 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh. Pretty much catty-corner to Salt of the Earth.  For more information, go to



Well, Hello!

Bend a gender at “Hello Donna,” a sing-along at the Backstage Bar. Picture it, Karaoke meets “Wife Swap.” Men will sing songs normally sung by women, and vice versa. Originally titled, “Hello Donny,” a parody of “Hello Dolly,” things get kicked up a notch at “Hello Donna.” From this month’s title, we surmise that there will be fewer show tunes and more disco.  Things are happening July 30th at the Backstage Bar and Cabaret at Theater Square, 655 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh.  You can call them at 412-325-6769 or visit the “Hello Donny” Facebook page;


Jungle Fever

Every once and a while; Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens pumps up the jams. On Friday, August 1st it’s time again to “Party in the Tropics.” Dance inside Phipps lush indoor garden. You can tour the grounds, eat drink and be merry!  There will be cocktails, dancing and some light hors d’oeuvres. It’s over 21 but its lots and lots of fun.  For more information, call 412-622-6914, or go to



Get the Frick outta here!

There’s an outdoor concert at the Frick. Every first Friday in the summer, the Frick hosts an outdoor summer concert. Bring chairs, blankets and snacks and listen to the music of Jerry Grevich and his Tamburitza Orchestra.  I can think of no other historical home offering Croatian string music for five dollars!  The Frick Art and Historical Center is located at 7227 Reynolds Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15208.  For more information, call 412-371-0600 or visit


And now a sixth thing….

Da Dum. Da Dum…

No. It’s not safe to go in the water. It’s not safe to be on land. Actually, it’s not safe to watch SyFy The majesty of entertainment that is Sharknado returns with Sharknado II: Aftersharks!  On July 30 at 9:00, Cruze Bar will be having a Sharknado II Viewing party. You’re going to need plenty of alcohol to get slog through this mess of a movie. Did I mention that the main character’s name is Finn?  See the glory and majesty of Sharknado II at Cruze Bar, 1600 Smallman Street, Pittsburgh.  Check out their Facebook events page;


– MB.



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