A Review of a Revue – a review of Sondheim on Sondheim

by Claire DeMarco

Listening to the works of Stephen Sondheim, whether it’s lyrics he wrote in collaboration with other composers or those works where he did double duty, writing both lyrics and music, is a joy.

Sondheim’s lyrics stretch beyond the norm of prior lyricists, suggesting themes and ideas not often expressed in previous musicals.

A new world of musicals emerged when he combined lyrics with his original musical compositions. The words and music were just as equally important, one complementing the other.

When you have a revue of many of his works within a limited time frame, it’s almost like eating an entire box of candy at one sitting instead of just one piece.   What a sugar high!

Interspersed among the musicals are video clips of Sondheim in his own words that span his career. They provide a personal and professional look at the man whose music and lyrics continue to be in the public eye.

A profile of the prolific songwriter, Stephen Sondheim. “Sondheim on Sondheim” does not include all of his works but rather a selection. This snapshot includes his first composition titled “I’ll Meet You at the Donut” written while he was a high school student to universally known musicals like Company and A Little Night Music.

Alexandra Kinsley wows with “Take Me to the World” from Evening Primrose.  Evening Primrose was an episode from a TV series titled ABC Stage 67.

Sara Reynolds highlights her beautiful voice and comedic talents in “Now You Know” from Merrily We Roll Along.

Brandon C. Andrew delivers with “Good Thing Going” from Merrily We Roll Along.

Jordan Threatt lets loose with a powerful performance of “Epiphany” from Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. 

Will Cobb is passionate as he sings “Is This What You Call Love”, a powerful song from Passion.

Austin Taylor Dunn delivers a clear solo in “Multitudes of Amys,” a Sondheim song that was originally selected for Company but ultimately rejected.

Alondra Trinidad-Colon struts her stuff with “Ah, But Underneath” from Follies.

Gabriela Garza sings a lovely rendition of “In Buddy’s Eyes” from Follies.

“The Gun Song” from Assassins is beautifully performed by Hunter Trstensky, Elijah Corbin, Leo Bochicchio, Claire Ferguson, Kaley Bender, Riley Nevin, Jenna Clover and Cammi Caldwell.

Jordan Threatt, Will Cobb, Braden Andrew, Austin Dunn, Gabriela Garza, Alondra Trinidat-Colon, Sara Reynolds and Alexandra Kinsley show a different side to “Happiness” from Passion.  Comedy at its best!

The entire ensemble is well-balanced with all around talent in song, dance and comedy.  They reinforce one another.

The backdrop is elegant with nuances in color and subtle, visual effects.

Music Direction by James Cunningham. Direction and Choreography by Zeva Barzell. “Sondheim and Sondheim” conceived by James Lapine.


“Sondheim on Sondheim” is a production of Point Park University’s Conservatory Theatre Company.  It runs from October 19 through October 23. For more information, click here.


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