The 11th Commandment:  Don’t Mess with a Nun – Review of “Sister’s Summer School Catechism:  God Never Takes a Vacation!” 

By Claire DeMarco.

Sister’s (Kimberly Richards) task is to conduct a summer school catechism class for those “students” who need that extra push and attention and sit in a classroom when others are on holiday.  The audience is willing (sometimes not) participants in this summer class.  They are called on to answer any questions she throws at them, and, of course, how their answer is delivered is critiqued as well.

Gum chewing is not allowed as Sister passes a tissue to a woman sitting in the top row.  An older man in the front row is told “to sit up straight” and he obliges.  A young girl’s cleavage is a bit much for Sister’s eyes and she’s given a bib to cover up.

Note:  The bib wearer leaves the covering on for the entire show.

Kim Richards plays the irascible nun.

This is an interactive show whose audience plays a key role in its execution.  Many of the stories Sister tells are helpful with a Biblical twist, although she often adds verbiage to a story that most likely never occurred.  Pondering on Christ’s occupation as a carpenter, she wonders if as a youth he might have created a bird house possibly made of popsicle sticks!

Richards is serious and funny, imaginative and to the point.  Much of her delivery and adlibs are spontaneous as she never knows what questions or answers the audience will throw at her.  It is evident that no two performances are the same as the audience is always different and their responses trigger a totally different comeback from Richards.

Tony Ferrieri’s creation of a school room is authentic, complete with two rows of arm desks facing the stage. (Note:  Audience members are encouraged (and do) sit in those seats, facing Sister.)  Every conceivable Catholic statue, religious picture, or rosaries are everywhere, even in the lobby of the theater.

Richards has starred in all seven installments of the Late Nite Catechism comedy series.  This production is delightful, full of fun and it’s apparent from their reaction that she has a huge following here in Pittsburgh.

“Sister’s Summer School Catechism:  God Never Takes a Vacation!” was written by Maripat Donovan.


 “Sister’s Summer School Catechism:  God Never Takes a Vacation!” is a production of City Theatre.  Performances run from June 6th – June 30th at The Lillie Theatre. For more information, and tickets click here

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