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The Silver Theater Project is proud to announce their second in a monthly series of Salon Style play readings by local performers, 40 and over, of plays written by local playwrights, also 40 and over.The next play on the roster will be ‘Be Still My Beating Heart’ by Michael McGovern.

Cross Edgar Allan Poe’s “Tell-Tale Heart” with “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?” and you’ve got a dark comedy that takes place in 1940’s New York.  Broadway diva Veronica Price is in need of a new assistant; her servant, Alexa brings her estranged sister Helen to work for the great actress.  One problem: Helen is a certified psychopath.  The plot twists and turns all the up to the surprising heart-pounding ending! The cast reading are Lucia Metrailler, Colette Freiwald, Mary Randolph and Bruce Story-Camp.

Michael McGovern received his BFA in Theatre from Point Park College and his MFA in Playwriting from Carnegie-Mellon University. While at Carnegie-Mellon his play IRELAND’S SHAKESPEARE won the Bud Yorkin Award.

His work has been performed at such diverse theaters as the 13th Street Theatre and The Nat Horne Theatre in New York, the Pittsburgh Playhouse Jr., Bricolage, Prime Stage, and Rage of the Stage in Pittsburgh. His short play PREPARING BANQUO was a favorite in his Beat Cabaret series.

The Silver Theater Project is the brainchild of Michael McGovern, who felt that there is a need in Pittsburgh to create opportunities for older writers and performers to have their voices heard, both literally, and by the pen (or in this age, the computer word processing program). There is a lack of material that engages the older generations, as well as a lack of opportunities for the mature performer to show that they still have the chops, and The Silver Theater Project’s aim is to fill that void. The project has been accepted for fiscal sponsorship by New Sun Rising.

The reading will be held on October 22 at The Glitter Box Theater located at 460 Melwood Avenue, in Oakland. Doors will open at 7 pm, and the readings will begin at 7:30.  As admission, the Salon readings have a suggested donation of $10.

For more information, connect with The Silver Theater Project here.

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